Studio des Acacias Reflections Redux

Reflections Redux

Benjamin Millepied & Barbara Kruger - October 2017.

The Studio des Acacias presented "Reflections Redux", an exceptional exhibition by Benjamin Millepied and Barbara Kruger combining holographic projections, films and immersive scenography. The event was inaugurated during the FIAC 2017 week. In the Studio des Acacias, the impressive visual environment created by artist Barbara Kruger for her ballet "Reflections" (2013) was recreated for the occasion. 

More than just a set, Benjamin Millepied offered an unprecedented immersive experience. Invited to enter a completely redesigned Studio des Acacias, the visitor is immersed like a dancer in the heart of Barbara Kruger's scenography. The ballet's three-dimensional reactivation is complete: light effects, music and above all holographic projection of four scenes from "Reflections". The dancers in L.A. Dance Project thus appeared in the form of holograms to create the key moments of the ballet within the exhibition.